Blog to Taste: About Rosie

About Rosie

The basics: 
Barely 31 and happily married

How many meals do you cook a week? 
Too many! I cook every day. I make breakfast for my grandfather and me every day, and send a lunch to work with my husband sometimes and am in charge of what's for dinner pretty much seven days a week. That being said, I do a lot of planning ahead a little freezer cooking and try to make a couple easy meals every week. A girl has got to get a break sometimes!

Whats a recipe you can cook from memory? 
Chicken Noodle Soup, I could make soup out of anything.

What is your spirit food? 
Avocados. They are creamy, earthy and delicious, need I say more?

What are the top 5 songs on your cooking playlist? 
I really like to cook to this French playlist that my cousin's boyfriend made on Spotify. Spotify is awesome. So is French music, it makes me want to jump around with a spatula in one hand and a whisk in the other! 

Do you have food issues? 
I do! I am severely lactose intolerant, so you won't find traditional milk or cheese in many of my recipes. I happily live a dairy free life, and it's not that big of a deal. I have learned lots of tricks to satisfy the need for creamy and my mac and cheese cravings. 

Who are your culinary inspirations? 
Martha Stewart. Well, I said it, it's almost a guilty pleasure. I love Martha. I love her easy simplicity and I love her swag. Yeah Martha's got swag, flair, whatever you want to call it. Martha can garnish the heck outta a dish, and so can I. Presentation is half the fun!

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