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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What I Had for Dinner Last Week

Happy hump day, foodie friends! This week on Watch What Happens with Warren - my new favorite TV show - I decided to share with you all what I had for dinner last week. From the delicious to the delightful, between homecooked to restaurant made, my week in meals was actually fantastic. I hope this post inspires your dinner choice this week.

Fair warning: this week I went out way more than usual. I guess that makes things more interesting though.

Monday I met up with fellow blogger, and fabulous friend, Melissa Chee for happy hour at High Noon downtown. Our meals, while different, were suspiciously the same. I opted for the nachos, she got the frybread. I give a thumbs up to the nachos. It was a unique flavor (especially with the pickled onion), and I was totally down to devour. 

Tuesday was all about the summer inspiration. I had a dinner of chicken, corn, watermelon, and cottage cheese (one of my favorite sides). 100% fresh, 100% yum.

On Wednesday, I had teriyaki pork chops with roasted broccoli and cauliflower. Additionally, I had some leftover rice that needed to be eaten. You know how it goes.

Thursday I grabbed dinner with a co-worker. We did a quick stop to Sushi Train is Tualatin. It's been a classic work stop for years for me. Conveyor belt sushi is a dangerous spot for me. I grab anything that looks good to me and the next thing you know you've eaten way too much.

 Friday, I got to have dinner again with Melissa (yay!), Julie and her adorable son, Jeremiah, and Christine. We had dinner at Cheesecake Factory. TBH this picture isn't great, but you know how dark it is in there. I had the chicken enchiladas. The enchiladas and beans were flavorful and filling, but I was not loving the cilantro rice. It was just too much cilantro. Of course I also had cheesecake, I just didn't get a picture.

Saturday was another meal with another friend. This time Holly and I got together to see the new Ab Fab movie (a must see if you were a fan of the show, or just like nutty, confusing, tasteless humor) at Bridgeport. Then we stopped and had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. I had the pesto pasta with chicken. It was really just okay. I'm really into pesto these days, but the chicken was flavorless. *Sigh*, I guess you just can't win them all.

Finally on Sunday, I made a quick trip to Pieology and got dinner to go. I was busy writing my paper for class and just didn't have time to do much. I got a pizza with pesto sauce (did I mention I love pesto), chicken (you're probably seeing a pattern), pineapple (yep, you see it), feta (okay this is just a little too on the nose) and bacon (meh, at least it's a little different). I love love love Pieology. My pizza always turns out perfect.

Okay, that sums up my week in meals. What did you have for dinner last week or what are you having for dinner this week?

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