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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Review: Whole Foods Soda

I am a girl that loves fancy soda. I am not really into the run of the mill, major soda brands. Although, I do go for a 7-Up or ginger ale occasionally. But I have weakness for fancy sodas. San Pellegrino sodas, I will drink any day. Homemade Italian sodas, yes please. Fizzy, sweet and delicious are hard to be mad at. 

Surprisingly Safeway also has a line of fancy sodas that are delicious, and Fred Meyer has a few too (I have a lime coconut flavored fancy soda in my fridge right now from Freddie's). But, I digress, because today we are talking about some fancy sodas I picked up at Whole Foods. I love Whole Foods, and I think they have really great products.  I also like how friendly the employees are and how laid back the store vibe is. I am really into saving money when shopping, so I do not shop exclusively at Whole Foods, but I go there to pick up my lactose free/vegan products on a regular basis, and when I do I will often splurge on an item or two extra. This Italian soda is not expensive and is a great splurge! 

There is never a wrong time for fancy soda!

We tried the blood orange and pomegranate flavors, but the soda also comes in pink grapefruit and lemon.

The blood orange was my favorite, it was sweeter than the other. But my tasting mates preferred the pomegranate which was a bit more tangy. I honestly enjoyed both sodas, and think you will too!

Not only are the sodas delicious, but they are beautiful as well. Packaged in a glass bottle with simple but classy labeling, these sodas would look great on a bar cart, or at any event. They would be a wonderful mixer, and are simply delightful on their own. 

What do you think about Whole Foods? Is it worth the splurge or hyped too much? Do you have a Whole Food's product that you love?

Whole Foods is not sponsoring this post in any way and these opinions are 100% my own.

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