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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Kitchen Herb Garden 2016

Every year I like to share some photos from my garden. I typically have a variety of herbs, fruits, veggies, and flowers. Lots of flowers. This year is no different. Though, I've had trouble finding a basil plant with the growth rate I'm looking for, I think my garden has some successes this year. A fresh herb garden is a delight for those who like to cook with herbs, and you'll know exactly where at least some of your food came from. This post is more of a picture story, so I'll let you enjoy the photos with some captioning.

For herbs I have rosemary (it's about 3 years old), two oregano plants (one is 3 years old and one is new), tarragon (new), chives (2 years old), lemon thyme (new), basil (new), lavender (variety of ages, and bay (1 year old).

My lavender plants are getting very big! I usually save some flowers from summer to dry for scent and relaxation, and I'll use some to make lavender lemon. I'm also considering making a lavender ice cream this year, but I want to research it a bit because I don't want it to be too bitter.

I love bay leaves. They're one of the few herbs, though, that get more flavorful as they're dried. To combat this, I generally use 3 bay leaves to one when they're fresh from my garden.

This is a cute little Asian pear tree from last year. We have a big Asian pear tree that needed fertilization. We're going to have lots of pears later in the summer!

My favorite tomato plants are grafted. Every time I've had a grafted plant, they had so many more tomatoes than other varieties. This photo was taken in early May, and the plant already has many more young fruit. I can't wait until they start ripening up so I can throw some back.

We have a beautiful pot of butter lettuce. This isn't for human consumption, though, because we grow it as a treat for our pet bunny rabbits. They love to nibble on the fresh leaves especially during hot summer days.

My sneaky little cat always wants to watch what I'm doing. She's my favorite subject to photograph.

What do you have in your garden this year? If you don't have a garden, what do you wish you could plant?

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