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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Chunky Guacamole Recipe

Holy Guacamole! I am still working my way through our fiesta menu, which is just in time for our transition from spring into summer. Like I said last week, avocados are my fave, and guacamole is a must have in my house. I am literally eating avocado toast as I write this blog post. Nom nom nom. 

This recipe calls for the Guacamole Seasoning we featured last week, as well as the Pico de Gallo from the week before. Those two elements plus a couple of avocados will get you one heck of a yummy, creamy, festive and fresh dip. It's guacamole heaven baby!

One of the most important elements of guacamole is the texture. Some like it smooth while others like to leave the avocados in chunks. I call shenanigans on this type of "guacamole", if the avocados ain't smooshed, it's avocado salsa people! My ideal guacamole is somewhere in between. Smooth but chunky. Salty and little bit smokey. Just the right amount of spice. A potato masher does this job wonderfully, but a wooden spoon does the trick in a pinch. 

Once the avocados are smashed, mix in the seasoning and the lime juice from one wedge. It's important to do this before you mix in the pico de gallo because tomatoes are fragile and the less stirring you can do after they have been added, the better. Now it is time to add half a cup of pico de gallo per avocado you are using, this is going to add the perfect ratio of tomato, onion and jalapeno to your guac. Now get ready for the taste test. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Chunky Guacamole

2 ripe avocados
1 lime wedge

Halve and remove avocados from skin. Mash till chunky consistency with potato masher or with wooden spoon. 

Mix in seasoning and lime juice.

Stir in pico de gallo, just until incorporated.

Garnish with cilantro on tip in a festive bowl to serve right away. Get your own adorable salsa bowls here. There is a link for the seasoning jars on this page

*If making ahead, there is a lot of tips on how to keep your guacamole green. I'm going to get scientific now. Avocados turn brown when exposed to oxygen, because of a complicated chemical reaction that you can read more about at here. The important part is that I have a tip to fight off that browning! Smooth out the guacamole in the bowl and then take a piece of plastic wrap and lay intupon the guacamole. Do not cling the plastic wrap the the outside of the bowl like you normally would, instead press the plastic onto the guac and smooth around the edges. Think of it like you are creating a skin on the guacamole to keep the oxygen from reacting with it. 

This recipe is easily scalable to suit any size crowd and is great paired with Cheesy Corn Queso Dip and a delicious Margarita.

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