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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Flavor Tripping: A review of mberry tablets

I first heard about mberry tablets on Facebook while trolling the comment section of some random post. The commenters raved about how it made things like lemons and limes taste heavenly. This piqued my interest. I like to try new foods, especially if they're described as "heavenly." So off to Amazon I went. I ordered a 10-pack of mberry tablets for $15 (Prime free shipping of course). The tablets arrived promptly, and it was time for me to pick the foods I wanted to try while "flavor tripping."
Apparently, taking an mberry tablet and tasting weird foods is meant to be a social thing. I forced my brother to try it with me since he usually likes weird foods. Oddly enough, he had already tried mberry a few years back when it was popular on Reddit. Shows how out of it I am now. Better late than never. So I bought some lemons, a lime, a pineapple, and a pepper as recommended on the back of the mberry packet. 

When I took the first tablet, a small reddish pink pill, it a while to dissolve and there was a weird taste in my mouth. After it dissolved about 5 minutes later, I bit a piece of pineapple. I threw my hands up in the air and said, "it's not working, there's no difference." So, of course, I took another tablet and waited for it to dissolve. After this, the pineapple tasted much sweeter, almost unbearably sweet. 

The next item was the little yellow pepper. With this I also didn't notice a big difference. It just tasted like a pepper. My brother said it was spicy to him, but to me it was like a bell pepper. I didn't enjoy it any more with the tablet's effect, if there even was an effect. 

Next I tried the lemon. Now this is when things started to make sense. I was sucking on a raw lemon, and it tasted good! It was like sucking lemonade straight from the lemon. Normally, sucking on a lemon would cause my face to shrivel at the acidity, but the miracle berry really changed the experience. 

After the lemon, came the lime. I was a bit apprehensive since I don't normally like lime flavor, but the taste of the lemon had me excited. I dove in head-first and sucked on the lime. It was actually pretty good. It tasted like a lime margarita without the tequila. It was sweet with only a hint of lime to it. I should have chased it with a shot of Patron!

After trying the suggested items, I looked around the kitchen for other foods to try. I tried a Goldfish cracker, which tasted no different, and a piece of cheddar cheese. The cheese tasted weird like it was marinated in Hawaiian punch. I was not a fan. My brother also tried some onion chips, but he said they tasted pretty much the same since they were already sweet. 

Overall, my first flavor trip was an interesting experience. I don't think it is quite as extraordinary as mberry boasts, but it is a fun thing to do with friends or family on a boring night at home. I've also read it's great for people with diabetes because it allows them to satisfy their sweet tooth without using sugar. I recommend a flavor trip for anyone who's curious. I still have 8 pills left, so I'll be trying it again with a whole new set of foods next time. Don't try this before meal time, though, because the effect takes a while to wear off. 

Have you tried mberry tablets before? Would you?