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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

London Food Journal: Call Me Mr. Lucky

After my disappointing fish and chips dinner from The Anchor Bankside, I was ready to move on, so I told my fiends "I read about a secret bar that you have to use a password to enter, it's about a five minute walk and I know the password. Do you guys want to go?" It was an astounding yes, and off we went into the London night.

Our 5 minute walk took us about 20 minutes, and we walked in circles a few times. We even approached the "alright, if it is not right here, we'll give up and find somewhere else" zone.

We were distracted by the pretty lights and random applause that was being played on a loud speaker under this overpass. But we found the entrance to the secret bar, the restaurant The Breakfast Club.

We walked into The Breakfast Club, and I was immediately wondering why we didn't eat dinner there. The ceiling in the dining room was painted pink, it was so kitschy, I was in love. Oh well, The Anchor was more traditional. Anyway, the waitress came to seat us and it was time for me to drop the password, I glanced back at my friends with a smile and leaned towards the waitress "We are here to get lucky" I said with a smirk. "Oh yes!" she answered and started leading us back through the kitchen and then down a stairway into the dark.


Call Me Mr. Lucky is a secret downstairs tequila bar, with a fiesta theme and a speakeasy feel.

We ordered drinks, I got a Lagerita, part margarita part beer it was served in a red solo cup, and one of my mates ordered a cocktail called #OMG, just because the last ingredient was glitter. We took a peak around a corner and to our absolute delight- there were 2 cave rooms with built in booths, one was taken and one was waiting for us.

The drinks were interesting, but the low light wasn't working for one of us, so we headed off after just one drink. On the way out, we stopped and talked to the bartenders. They were very friendly, and talked to us about our plans and where we were traveling on to after leaving London.

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