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Friday, January 29, 2016

Cupcake Review: Bliss Bake Shoppe

Hello Foodie Friends! Today is a good day. A great day even. Because today I get to share a cupcake review with you. And who doesn't love reviewing cupcakes? 

Back in December, Blog To Taste had a birthday. I knew right away that we would have cupcakes, But where were we going to get them. Normally I would make my own Easy Dairy Free Cupcakes, because my whole philosophy on eating with others while having a food allergy is: make the one item that you cannot live without at a party. I am the kind of girl that if I am going to a party with cake in mind, I want to be able to eat the cake. Not just watch my friends eat it. Dang it. But I was busy, and I knew I couldn't take the time to make cupcakes the way I would want to. So I volunteered to get the cupcake for the party and set out on finding some non-dairy options for myself. 

I had driven by Bliss Bake Shoppe on Bethany Boulevard a few times, and it was in the vicinity of YoZone (an awesome fro-yo place our friend Rachel's family owns!), where we like to meet up from time to time. Thankfully Bliss makes a vegan and gluten free option! 

While I was excited to be able to order a cupcake I could enjoy, I did wonder why there wasn't a non-gluten-free option for vegans, or people who don't do dairy like me. I ordered one of every kind of "vegan, gluten-free" cupcakes they offered: Vanilla, Carrot, Chocolate, Lemon-Raspberry and Pumpkin Spice. I also ordered another 6 cupcakes of different regular flavors: Breakfast in Bed Bliss, Luscious Lemon Raspberry Bliss, Triple Chocolate Bliss, Red Velvet Bliss, Birthday Cake Bliss and Chocolate Cream Bliss for my lucky friends without food allergies Holly and Warren. I know that sounds like a lot of cupcakes, but don't worry- these were tiny cupcakes! 

My favorite of the gluten-free, vegan ones was the vanilla bean. I know I am so boring, but I really LOVE a good vanilla. Because the cupcakes were gluten-free, they were very dense. I would liken them to a sweet cornbread density. I liked it, especially with the vanilla frosting because it is light and simply sweet. 

Holly liked the Breakfast in Bed Bliss, an adorable cupcake with a little "fried egg" made out of frosting. The cupcake is buttermilk cake infused with maple syrup, topped with cream cheese buttercream and a piece of candied bacon. Holly loved that it tasted a little like french toast, and she was really into the cute egg. And c'mon, who doesn't like a sweet and savory combo like bacon and cupcakes. Am I right?

Warrens Favorite was the Chocolate Cream Bliss, a chocolate cake filled and topped with cream cheese buttercream. Basically a tiny chocolate cake, with really cute blue frosting and sprinkles. He thought the cupcake was rich and delicious, and he just cannot resist sprinkles. None of is can really, they are like glitter for food. 

In the end I was glad that I tried the vegan option at Bliss Bake Shop, however I still think they could do a vegan and not gluten-free option. The other think I noticed was that the Vegan, gluten-free ones weren't decorated nearly as cute as the regular ones. That bums me out a little bit. But only a little bit because how can a cupcake make you sad! 

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