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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Holiday Recipes: Festive Drinks and Desserts

It's hard to believe another year has almost passed, and it'll soon be Christmas Time. No matter how you celebrate, we hope you enjoy yummy food and precious time with your family and friends during these cold months. Warren, Rosie, and I genuinely enjoy sharing our recipes, photos, reviews, and every other type of food post with you guys. Blog to Taste will turn two years old in just over a week, and we've posted some fun holiday-themed recipes that I want to mention again in case you need some early cheer in your life. 
We had some tasty and festive desserts to share last year- Holly's Winter White Chocolate Fudge, Warren's Red Velvet Cake Cookies, and Rosie's Giftable Cookies.

We continued the festivities with drinks to make you feel warm and cozy- Rosie's Rumchata, Warren's Holiday Eggnog Coffee Creamer Recipe, and Holly's Jolly Hot Chocolate.

Share with us your favorite holiday recipes on Twitter using the #HolidayBTT! We'd love to check them out and share them with our followers too! *tweet, tweet*