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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Blog to Taste Turns Two!

Hello foodie friends! Today's post is totally fun and exciting. Blog to Taste turns two tomorrow! Honestly, that is crazy! It seems like just yesterday we were in the planning stages of putting the blog together and deciding what we wanted it to be about. Since then some things have changed, but a lot of the things continue to be the same.

We got together this past weekend to celebrate this milestone. We have over 200 blog posts published on the blog! That's incredible to us. We took some time to reflect on what we love most about being a part of this group blog.

We all had feelings of friendship, fun, unity and creativeness coming together when we were chatting about it. We shared laughs thinking of some of our old posts (Warren's Corn Dog Fail comes to the top of that list) and brainstorming what we want for the future.

Some of the goals that we set for 2016 were to continue to produce content that we love and has quality, grow in our community through social media and face to face interactions, communicating with YOU our foodie friends through our mailing list (have you signed up yet?!) and to make this something that makes us a little money (hey we're being honest here!).

We honestly just love that we are getting to connect as friends. It's so hard with full time jobs, some of us are in school, have families and pets to take care of, and remain a social person. It's a great way to do something you love with the people that you love.

We have had so much fun over the last two years sharing our recipes, silly posts and all the extra good stuff in our life.

We each picked our favorite post since we've started producing content on Blog to Taste.

Holly picked her Cookie Butter Truffles which were a hit! "The truffles were my favorite recipe because it is easy, but it looks incredibly fancy. It was my first time having the Speculoos Cookie Butter which is one of the most delicious things on earth.”

We all knew immediate what Rosie's favorite post would be. It had to be her No Bake Chocolate Pie!!  "I love this post because it was born out of a need and craving for a creamy pie which is out for me. Vegan cheesecake is delightfully easy to make even though it seems super complicated at first glance. Since it doesn’t have traditional ingredients it’s healthier and friendly for everyone."

Warren went back and forth on his favorite. Surely it would be a breakfast item right? Nah! His favorite post on Blog to Taste was his Apple Garlic Chicken Pizza recipe. "I love my Apple Garlic Chicken Pizza. It’s rustic and full of flavor. The addition of the basil crust gives this recipe depth." For the record he was obsessed with describing it as "rustic."

Again, we want to say thank you! Thank you to our families for putting up with messy kitchens and extra wait times for dinner because we're taking pictures, to our friends for supporting us including some original BTTers Melissa, Sarah and Rachel, and to YOU our foodie friends for coming back each week and enjoying our recipes, leaving us comments and interacting with us on social media, we love hearing from you!

Special thanks to Bliss Cupcakes for the adorable bitty cupcakes which we'll surely be doing a review of soon and to YoZone for letting us use the Party Room which was fun to use because we totally did all of the planning for BTT in that same room!

Let us know why you love coming to Blog to Taste and what you'd love to see us do in the coming year to make it special for you.

As always, thanks for reading and don't forget: Mix a plate full of food, with a table full of friends then add some Blog to Taste!

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