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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tasty Achievements: April 2015

I tried, I really did, to come up with a clever April rhyme about recipes, and readers and happiness, but guess what, I could only come up with "April Showers Bring May Flowers," and I'm pretty sure that's not original. (◕‿-)

Either way, I'm just excited to share our favorite posts this month, and we hope that you'll feel inspired to try some of these yourself. If you do, make sure to share about it in the comments or share a picture on Instagram.

The first post we want to share is Rosie's Hammy Beans. We've had some chilly days here in Portland, and Hammy Beans will warm you right up. Plus, you're using leftovers to make another meal, and that's the best way to use leftovers, trust me.

Another absolute favorite of ours this month was Holly's Monte Cristo. We did a beach trip this month, and we all got to have this for breakfast one morning. It was divine, and the basil mayo was the cherry on top.

The final post we're going to share with you is Warren's Mac & Cheese with Hot Dog Bites. We were finally happy to see that he got his dream meal fulfilled after a disappointing trip to the Sugar Factory in Vegas. 

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