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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Blog Outing: CeramiCafe

Happy hump day foodie friends! One of the biggest challenges as a group blog is getting together to discuss the blog, but to more importantly have fun as a group. We try to make time once a month to do something, whether it's get lunch and hang out at Rosie's house or we head to the beach for a couple days. This month we decided to relax, have fun, and paint ceramics. We had a blast!

CeramiCafe is one of Warren's favorite places to go in the area for an easy, breezy day. It's just so fun to sit and paint and chat with friends. As a group we loved it because we got to all do something that represented us in some way.

If you've never been to CeramiCafe before, there are so many options for fun things to paint. We all chose something that fit us and what we love.

Holly painted a watering can and add cute little drawings to it that were absolutely adorable. She can't wait to use this to when she's watering her HERB GARDEN this spring. The handle (which doesn't have a great angle in these pictures) has a vine climbing up it that we loved!

Rosie sported her fancy art side when she was painting her plate and tile (she did the tile with some peer pressure from Ceramic Artisté and new found friend Brooke). The design on the plate is to die! Can you believe she's never actually done this before? She's just so crafty!! Have you seen those GIFTABLE COOKIES??

Warren wasn't really sure what he was doing with his coffee cup, but #yolo. He loves drinking his morning cup of joe in a big ol' cup so this was the perfect cabinet addition. I imagine he'll be making some of his COFFEE CREAMER to add to his morning joe.

Blog outings are essential when running a group blog, and we always feel more rejuvenated and ready to go after meeting! What are your tips and tricks to get back in the blogging mood? Sounds off below!!
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