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Friday, February 27, 2015

Tasty Achievements: February 2015

Hello again foodie friends! I'm trying real hard not start with "can you believe..." but honestly, I don't know how we are seriously already at the end of February. The month of love was here and gone in what really feels like the blink of an eye.

Before we move away from February we want to take a minute to recall all our three favorite posts for the month, as always.

First on the menu is Holly's Valentine's Day Doughnuts which were filled not only with cherry, but with lots of ~love~. The recipe left us laughing (Holly has a hilarious moment when discussing V-Day), but made us immediately want to pull out the ol' fryer.

Another absolute fave of ours in February was Warren's Blackberry Pancakes. The pancakes were a striking color, and they were topped with whipped cream AND sprinkles. 100% sold! These pancakes really do make you want to exclaim "treat yo self." (RIP Parks & Rec, I'm still reeling)

The always creative cocktail aficionado, Rosie once again shared a drink that is not just delicious, but absolutely gorgeous!! Her Gin Rickey is a drink I can imagine drinking on a hot summer day, so this is definitely a recipe we will be coming back to.
We've got some recipes coming ahead in March, so make sure you stick around. Let us know the recipes you found around the web this month that you were loving!

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