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Friday, February 20, 2015

Gin Rickey Cocktail Recipe

Today's post is brought to you by Gin, my new BFF. Please don't feel bad for me because my only friend is alcohol, gin is a great listener and always keeps my spirits high! OK, ok, I'm just kidding, I have real life BFFs who I am sure don't appreciate being replaced with booze. But seriously, I've been having a love affair with gin, it's just so delicious. 

I had been lusting after a new variety on the market, but I am so frugal, it took me a good month to talk myself into buying it. My old best friend  tried and true standard was Bombay Sapphire Gin, which I have long loved. The new bottle I wanted: Hendrick's Gin. I had heard a lot of great reviews, and it comes in such a cute bottle (not to downplay Bombay Sapphire's packaging, it is quite elegant as well), my problem was that Hendrick's was more expensive and unknown, and well I hate wasting money. But, I took the plunge, and have not regretted it at all!

Not only is Hendrick's gin delicious, but the flavor is so different from Bombay Sapphire that I don't have to defriend forget about my first gin love, instead I can enjoy them in different ways. While I still prefer Bombay in a straight gin and tonic, Hendrick's for me is a way to get down with gin in a more fruity or floral way. To compare the two quickly I would say that Bombay is more botanical, and Hendrick's is more mellow. But it's gin, which means its going to be herbal, warm and only appeal to a few people in the room. And that is totally OK with me.

This drink recipe is pretty simple, I literally had everything on hand in my house, but maybe that's because I like cocktails. Whatever, no judgement here.


Gin - I used Hendrick's here, but there are plenty of options
Sparkling water - I had a bottle of San Pellegrino on hand, any bubbly water would do
Lime, quartered


Fill a pretty glass with ice

Squeeze one half of a lime (into the glass, not all over your table as shown above)

Add 1.5 oz of gin

Fill to almost the top with seltzer water

Top with 1 oz grenadine (can add more to adjust the sweetness- grenadine is super sweet!)

Then watch your drink turn a beautiful red hue

Garnish with another lime and enjoy!
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