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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas foodie friends! As we prepare for the big day tomorrow, we wanted to say thank you for checking us out, reading our recipes and giving your feedback. We truly appreciate it. Today we just wanted to share a piece of our Christmas with you, and we hope you enjoy! 

My Christmas tree is a lot like me. It's cute, fat, and a little nugget! It can't even stand up straight!! I decided to go simple this year with the decorations, especially because the tree didn't have much real estate. I kept it a simple gold tones tree with white lights. It turned out amazing, and I could decorate my tree like this every year!

My Christmas tree is a little fake pink tree that my brother bought for me as a gift about 7 years ago. It is pre-lit, so I just have to plug it in and go! This year, though, I decided to add a few accent decorations. I added a hot pink garland, star, and some small globe-shaped ornaments. It's certainly not an impressive tree fit for the Kardashians or the Obamas, but it works for me. 

This year's Christmas tree is one of my favorites ever. We are short on space in my living room, so i decided to do a table top tree, on top of a bookshelf in my front window. I picked up a new set of Christmas lights that flicker like fire (I think they are called flamelight), and after putting them on I loved how natural the tree looked, so I topped it off with a star and called it done. 

Have a Very Merry Christmas!