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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

10 Perfect Gifts for Foodies

It can be hard to find the right Christmas gift for your loved ones. When asked what they want for Christmas, most people say something crazy like a new car or giant TV, and many just say they don't know or care. I know it can be a pain to shop for other people, but I'll give you some insight into the gifts that people who love to cook and eat will be truly happy to receive.

1. For the Baker: KitchenAid Stand Mixer $349 at Macy's

Yes it's expensive, but it's worth the investment. Buy one for yourself or for chef that you love you.

SOURCE /// kitchenaid.com
2. For the chopper: Hampton Forge Tomodachi 10 pc Knife Set $34 at Kohl's

These knives work great, they look cool, and they're cheap. Win, Win, WIN!

These babies will last forever.

I've been using my mom's old copy of this book for as long as I can remember. It has so many great recipes and gives me inspiration for new dishes as well. 

5. For the pro: Chef's Hat $7 at Bed, Bath & Beyond

I think this one is pretty self explanatory. 

6. For the young chef: Cupcake Set Holiday Bundle $10 at curiouschef.com

This may not be exciting for every kid, but for the aspiring young foodie, this will light up their eyes.

7. For the healthy snacker: Four Snack Box Deliveries from Graze.com $14 at Groupon.com

These boxes are filled with tasty fruits, nuts, and other nutritious snacks.

8. For the pizza fanatic: Bialetti 4 pc Pizza Stone Set $28 on Amazon.com

Whether it's take-and-bake, frozen, or fresh homemade pizza, cooking it on a stone will make your pizza lover feel like a pro. 

A collection of wine and snacks to impress the wine lover. 

10. For the devilled egg master: Egg Perfect Timer $6 at Williams-Sonoma

I actually really want this. I love making deviled eggs, but I struggle with finding the perfect time to take them out of the water. 

Merry shopping to all!