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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Shark Week Bologna Sandwich

Anyone that knows me knows I love sharks, like a lot.  Shark Week is one my favorite things!  I love that a whole week is dedicated to the most amazing animal I know of.  I used to count down the days.  This year I was less excited.  Last year I was pretty disappointed by Megalodon: The Monster Shark.  You can read about it on my blog.  I heard a few weeks ago that Discovery Channel was at it again.  This year they had done another "documentary" of a big scary shark eating everybody.  There are so many cool sharks in he world why do they need to make them up?  Because the Discovery Channel think we are all idiots?  My blog friends asked why I didnt do a shark week foods post.  The answer is cause I am mad at Shark Week!  Discovery Channel likes to serves us a big pile of Bologna so here is how you can make some at home!

  • Bread 
  • Bologna
  • Spread
  1. Layer bread, spread, bologna, spread and last bread in a stack.
  2. Cut out a chunk so it looks like a big, scary, and bad shark (cause they are all big, scary, and bad) has tried to steal your lunch.
  3. Enjoy!

Yeah that is me wearing a tiara sitting front of a board covered in shark pictures...