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Friday, August 22, 2014

Inspired Croque Mademoiselle

 A few weeks ago I took a trip to Port Townsend to witness an old friend get married at a castle. Yes you read that right, a castle! My husband was busy at home with out Grandfather, so I elected to take a girlfriend as my date. My last post about Laura Palmer Cocktails was inspired by the Twin Peaks leg of he trip, and this weeks post is inspired by the Port Townsend leg. 

The wedding was amazing, hands down the most beautiful wedding I have ever attended! Bravo to Becky and Corbett! The wedding, as I said earlier was in a castle. The town of Port Townsend is a historical victorian port town, in laymen's terms, it's freeking gorg. Big beautiful old building were everywhere, so it was not that surprising that there was a castle in town. 

My friend Brandy and I stayed the night in an hotel across town that is actually an old mansion. It was really neat, everything in the hotel was period appropriate, including the paper thin walls that we could hear our neighbors talking through. As creepy as that was in the middle of the night, I would go back for another stay anytime the wind takes me that far north. 

The last thing we asked the innkeeper was where we should eat breakfast- he directed us to a little french cafe called The Sweet Laurette. And we did not regret it! The place was packed, I was surprised that we didn't have to wait for a seat! But we did not, and we got a perfect little table next to a window. 

Brandy and I both ordered egg sandwiches, she a BLT+E that also had basil on it, and fancy cheese. I, a Croque Madame, without the cheese. A croque madame is a variation of the croque monsieur, which is a grilled cheese sandwich. Croque means crisp in french, and it is referring to the crunch of the toast. The madame variation is with a fried egg on top. My recipe this week was inspired solely by the sandwich I ate, which was not a grilled cheese, because I can't eat cheese, so I have changed the name slightly and am calling it a Croque Mademoiselle. It's always better to be a mademoiselle than a madame anyway right?!

Croque Mademoiselle

good crusty sourdough bread
fried eggs, over easy, or however you like them really
thin sliced ham (I swear to you that is HAM in my picture, it looks like turkey because it is fancy uncured ham!)

Toast bread, fry eggs, warm ham. Smear toast with mayo and dijon and assemble.

It really is that easy, and it's amazingly, out of the world delicious. I've been raving about it since I got home, and have made it 4 or 5 times in the last 2 weeks. I feel the need to explain that the reason I put mayonnaise on everything is because I don't eat cheese, and it gives everything a little more creamy taste. I am not a mayo addict. I get grossed out when I get it on my hands!