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Friday, July 4, 2014

United Cakes of America: A Picnic Centerpiece

Happy Fourth of July my foodie friends! Today's the day for big picnics, loud party music, laughter and fireworks. Holly and I actually have a ritual of doing the Molalla Parade every year, but that's a whole different story on its own. 

So what to make for the Fourth? I have always found those cakes on the cover of Family Circle, Better Homes and Gardens, etc. of flags inspiring. My heart had longed to make one; I just didn't know if I had the patience or the ability to pull it off. However, I decided to take a go at it, and I must say, this will make the perfect party centerpiece for your 4th of July get-together.

•one box of cake mix (I used white cake from Betty Crocker to make coloring easy)
•red, white and blue food coloring
•selection of fruits to make red, white and blue
•white frosting (I picked up the stars and stripes pillsbury frosting)

Prepare the cake per the directions on the box and use the sprinkles from the icing in the batter. Then separate into three separate bowls. In two of the bowls put drops of color until you get the color you are satisfied. For mine, I used seven drops of blue and red.

In a cupcake pan fill each slot with a layer of red, white and blue batter, and bake as described by the box instructions. When the cupcakes come out let them cool. When you take them out you'll notice how amazing the cupcake looks. It will be the perfect surprise for your partygoers. 

On a serving tray layout the cupcakes into a large circle. For this centerpiece I needed 19 cup cakes. Once you've lined them up how you want, ice all of them. I wouldn't worry about the icing being the prettiest ever because you'll be covering it up.

Now you're ready to top! I didn't know exactly how I wanted to do it, so don't stress! I just used the top fourth of the circle for the "blue and stars" section of the flag. Then I halved strawberries and cut up one banana into thin slices to make the red and white stripes (side note: I learned banana is so tasty on a cupcake). Serve at your picnic or family gathering and be prepared for everyone to tell you how much they love it :)

What are you doing to celebrate Independence Day? We hope you've enjoyed the latest menu, and as always, let us know what you'd like to see us make!

Happy 4th of July!!!