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Monday, July 14, 2014

9 Reasons Why I am a Terrible Food Blogger

  1. I procrastinate.  I will make things in advance and take pictures but wait till the last second to write the post.
  2. I want everything to look perfect and things dont always look perfect!
  3. I make the same things over and over on repeat.  Not sure you guys want five recipes in row on different ways to make potatoes awesome!
  4. I like to eat.  I have trouble not eating the things I make.  Once I messed up on a picture but had already eaten the dish...  Hard to retake a photo once the yummy is in the belly.
  5. I try to make things practical.  Like not make hot things on a hot day and make sure I can eat it all up.
  6. Sometimes I have too many ideas for what to make and have trouble narrowing it down.
  7. I cant speell.  
  8. I am sad I cant enter our giveaways.
  9. I see things on Pinterest or Foodgawker and think I will never post anything as pretty as that.  
But in the end I love food and cooking.  I love feeding people and if you and I cant get together for a picnic in the park and share some yummy snacks at least I can pretend we do when you make a recipe I posted.