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Friday, June 13, 2014

Heart Shaped Mini Cakes

Hey foodie friends! With my birthday right around the corner, I figured it was time for me to bake a cake! I know everyone is used to me making drinks, but it promise I can actually wield a spatula, or at least a kitchenaid paddle pretty well. 

I have been obsessing over mini cakes, they are so cute! So I figured that's the direction I would take. 

Mini cake pans exist, but are a lil spendy and I chose to go my own route. I baked the cake in a sheet pan with sides and cut out shapes with cookie cutters

For the frosting I used Sweetapolita's recipe for Swiss Merengue Buttercream. Her article is fantastic, and I love how it walks you through the whole process. 

The frosting itself is super rich and creamy, and I love it because it doesn't have milk in it, just egg whites and butter. I have made this frosting before, we even used it at our wedding on our cupcakes! 

Because I knew how this went I was well prepared for the 20+ minutes of gently whisking over a pan of water! my advice is- know that step is going to take forever and be the hardest part, and don't get sidetracked and distracted, or you will have scrambled eggs in no time. 

Check out how much butter it takes! 3 cups! 

For the cake, I used a recipe for Basic Yellow Cake. The batter looked so good, I wanted to try it raw, but I am afraid of salmonella, so I refrained. 

To assemble:
cut shapes out of sheet cake
Frost on top of one shape
Stack another shape on top
Sprinkle with powdered sugar
(Because everything is cuter with powdered sugar in top)