Blog to Taste: May 2014

Friday, May 30, 2014

Watermelon Cooler

Last week I went on a little road trip with Sarah, and I wrote a blog post about the essential items that you need to bring along over at my personal blog, and I made a round up of perfect road trip food here on Blog To Taste. So of course my recipe for this week is from that post. 

I was inspired by Tina's recipe for watermelon cucumber coolers over at the Scaling Back Blog. But I gave it my own spin.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Red Cabbage and Carrot Slaw

Hiya pals!  Red cabbage is one of my favorite things.  I can eat it raw.  When I cut it up I have to move quickly so I dont eat it all before I finish my recipe.  Slaw is a quick and easy addition to any BBQ.  I made up this recipe when I had leftover dill from when I made Deviled Eggs.  I had never made slaw with out a kit from the store.  Now I am totally converted and fresh is for me.  The red cabbage is great, the carrots bring a little sweetness and dont forget the dill!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Homemade Coca-Cola BBQ Sauce Recipe

Hello food friends and happy Memorial Day weekend! One of my favorite drinks at any BBQ (or really anytime) is an ice cold Coca-Cola. So I put a challenge on myself to make a Coca-Cola BBQ Sauce mix to make this Memorial Day a little more unique. To be fair, it's probably not the "prettiest" sauce, but it is definitely the most delish!

Homemade Coca-Cola BBQ Sauce

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Italian Chicken Kabobs

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Who doesn't love food on a stick? Corndogs, popsicles, sausages covered in sauce, countless street foods, and colorful chicken kabobs. I enjoy getting creative with kabobs because, as long as you can shove a stick through it, you can grill it. This time I was inspired by the fresh herbs from my garden (read more here) to make Italian Chicken Kabobs. And if you want to enjoy a kabob any time of the year, like when outdoor grilling just isn't realistic, I will tell you my secret for perfect oven-baked kabobs.

Grilling, chicken kabob, kabobs, Memorial Day BBQ

Friday, May 16, 2014

Grapefruit Radler

I have been patiently waiting for this day to arrive, I finally get to share my new favorite drink. And it's something unusual, a beer cocktail! Last summer I went to a comedy show with some girlfriends to see Amy Schumer, who is hilarious by the way. Afterward we wanted to have some drinks, and revel in our girls night out, so we went to a restaurant I had never been to before Double Dragon. The food was excellent, we had some cold spicy peanut-y noodles, and we got a pitcher of a beer that the server recommended, a grapefruit radler. A radler is the same thing as a shandy, it's a fruit beer, made from a mixture of beer, fruit juice and soda. A shandy is an English term, and are usually lemonade and beer. Radler is a German term, and it usually done with grapefruit. The beer was amazing, and so was the atmosphere- cafe lights and picnic tables in one of the best outdoor seating experiences I have ever had.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Criss Cross Potatoes

Hiya pals!  I love potatoes.  A lot.  They are amazing.  I think garlic and rosemary make them taste even better.  I used to use a mandolin and slice potatoes really thin and cover them in oil and garlic and rosemary.  They were the best crispy tender treats, but you could only bake a few on a tray at a time.  They took forever and I would eat the first batch before the second was done in the oven.  These criss cross potatoes are even easier and just as delicious!  

Monday, May 12, 2014

Memorial Day BBQ Theme, Now Through Memorial Day!

We here at Blog To Taste are really excited about our next theme- Memorial Day BBQs! And while we are happy to celebrate the sun, the nearing of summer, and our grills, we think it is especially important to recognize what the true meaning of Memorial Day is.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

We Love Our Mothers!

I have an amazing mother.  I am sure we all think that.  This picture was taken at a craft show we did this winter. It is great fun spending so much time with her, even if we dont always agree.  I love you Mama!  -Sarah

Friday, May 9, 2014

Mother's Day Decadence: Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon and Crab

Happy Mother's Day! I have to start this post by saying that I have some of the best mothers in my life. My mother and grandmothers are the most caring, loving, fantastic, crazy women you will ever meet. 

To treat my mom this Mother's Day, I will be making her brunch favorite (and also mine), Eggs Benedict. Eggs Benni are an absolute staple of an brunch menu. Between the poached egg and Hollandaise sauce, you're in for a rich treat! But for this Mother's Day recipe we're going to kick up the rich and make it absolutely decadent.

Eggs Benedict with Salmon and Crab

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Vanilla Bean French Toast with Fresh Berry Sauce

Last and this week my fellow bloggers and I have been celebrating mothers with some brunch-themed delights. Since I know my mother likes fancy things, I decided to use vanilla beans in my own french toast recipe. Besides making my mother the delicious brunch that I will show you below, I also bought her some Pandora beads and took her plant shopping. Sometimes I like to spoil my mother, and you should do the same. Start by following my recipe!

Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed: Vanilla Bean French Toast with Fresh Berry Sauce recipe

Monday, May 5, 2014

Mother's Day Flourless Cake: A Sweet Treat for a Sweet Mom

We have our very first guest blogger!  Thanks Kayla for being our first victim I mean volunteer!  If you would like to be a guest blogger let us know at

Hello bloggers and foodies! First of all, I'd like to thank Warren and the gang at Blog To Taste for inviting me to guest blog for them on this very special week. Mother's Day is an important holiday to us, it's the perfect day to show mom just how much you love her! What better way to do that than with food? It's not only the way to a man's heart, it's also the way to a mom's heart! If your mother is anything like mine, she lives for chocolate and so it's the best way to show your appreciation for her.

Luckily, I've got the perfect recipe for any chocolate lover in your life! Today we'll be making a flourless chocolate cake, which is also great for you gluten-free foodies out there! Remove flour from the equation and what we're left with is a decadent, fudge-bomb of a cake that's closer to a chocolate truffle than any cake you've eaten. Add some fresh raspberry sauce and this dessert is sure to impress! 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tasty Achivements: April 2014

Can you believe we've already made it through another month? It's time again to roundup our favorite posts of the month to share them again with you!

"I dont even like Peeps but Warren's post changed my mind!  I still dont want to eat them, but they look so cute!"  -Sarah

Friday, May 2, 2014

Mimosas and Candied Bacon

I feel like I need to start out this post by telling you that there is more choices than just orange juice when it comes to making mimosas. My mom likes champagne, and she likes mimosas, but she complains that the orange juice is too acidic and gives her heartburn. So I decided to branch out for this recipe and make mimosas with four different juices. 

I started in the produce section of my local grocer. I was totally inspired by the spring bounty, I picked the perfect peach, box of strawberries and apricot. Then I headed to the juice aisle and got four cans of my fave juice brand- Kern's. I got juices to match the fruits, apricot, peach, strawberry and my personal favorite guava. 

Then I headed to my parents house to make the mimosas with my mom.