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Monday, April 14, 2014

Welcome to the Peep Show!

Hello foodie friends! Welcome to the week leading up to Easter. I am so excited to share with you this post of "peep"-tacular proportions! I have always loved Peeps. In fact, it is my all time favorite candy. I know, I know, some people think these marshmallow treats are disgusting, but is there anything cuter, fluffier or tastier?! I love Peeps so much that I even have a cute Peep pillow with my name on it!

The biggest problem that I have with Peeps is that I get bored just eating them by the sleeve, so I thought this Easter I would give you a Peep Show (3 Ways to Serve Peeps).

Peep-tastic Chocolate
The first is to dip Peeps in chocolate and dress them up. I just picked up two bags of chocolate (semi-sweet and white) chips at Safeway for $2.00 each. I had a bit of a rough time getting it to melt, but after finding a bowl that sat well on top of the pot, I was good to go. I personally love the way the white chocolate base with the semi-sweet drizzled over the top best. Oh and the little sugar carrots? Adorable!

All you have to do for this is melt the chocolate, dip the Peep and freeze for a half hour. I did the chocolates at separate times to reduce mess (and frustration). 

Peep-dorable Cupcakes
I've seen so many different pictures of cupcakes with cute Peeps on them that I had to give this one a go. However, I went for a twist and instead of boring old chocolate or vanilla cake, I used the Pillsbury Pink Lemonade cake mix. I substituted a 1/2 a cup of actual Pink Lemonade for water (use the light version)  for a more true lemonade flavor and added 5 drops of pink food coloring to make the pink pop! I also made the buttercream frosting from scratch in one of my grandmother's old recipe boxes and then loaded it with green dye to make a grass. Another great feature of these delightful cupcakes is how the color just comes to life and really makes it feel like Easter.

The Main Peep-vent
I was so excited for the final Peep project! I knew that not only would the be absolutely divine to taste, but would be spectacularly beautiful as well. No only will this Peep Kabob make a great healthy-esque dessert, but would be the perfect centerpiece for your Easter dinner table.

I was able to put this together in no time. The plants cost me less than $8.00 and I picked up the pre-sliced fruit which saved a lot of hassle. Stress-free Easter is what we're all looking for, right?

Hopefully I've given you some good inspiration to use Peeps in a new way this Easter. Plus, these are super easy, fun things you can do with your kids this Easter to make them feel more involved. You're treats will inevitably be the the talk of the party.

Happy Peep-ster!

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