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Monday, April 7, 2014

Sweet Ham and Rolls for Easter Dinner

Nothing says Easter dinner like a huge ham, and no one does amazing food delivered to my door like Schwan's! So, I married these two ideas into a decadently delicious feast fit for king. I also baked up a huge batch of sweet dinner rolls make perfect little sandwiched with my divine meat.

First, I will tell you about the ham. I purchased Schwan's Sliced Spiral Bone-in Hal Ham. Sorry guys, but it is currently sold out. Hopefully they will get more, but who knows.

I will rate my experience with it in four categories: Flavor, Ease of Preparation, Bang for the Buck, and Leftover Versatility.

Flavor: 4/5 This ham had superb flavor. It was sweet, smokey, salty, and it wasn't too much of any of those things. I didn't give a perfect 5/5 because it left a bit of an after-taste. I think everything tasted a little bit like ham for about 2 days after I ate it.

Ease: 4/5 Basically you unwrap the ham, put it in a giant baking dish, cover it, and cook it for 15 minutes per pound at 275 degrees. The most difficult thing about making this giant piece of pork was finding a baking dish large enough to fit it in.

Bang for the Buck: 5/5 Now, as far as the price, this spiral-cut baby cost $36.99. That may sound like a tidy sum to drop on one piece of meat, but it's a big piece. This ham fed 5 people for two dinners plus some picking and snacking throughout the day after it was cooked. Don't let the price tag scare you away, it's worth every penny.

Versatility: 5/5 Something that I find important for a food product, especially one of this price and size, is it's ability to be useful for other dishes within a few days after it's original serving. Schwan's ham is even better than leftover Thanksgiving turkey to me. Unlike turkey, you can re-cook the ham and make hot sandwiches, cold sandwiches, ham omelette, ham casserole, ham soup, scalloped potatoes with ham, and anything else you could imagine. 

Overall: 4.5/5 An almost perfect ham that would be great for any special holiday feast.

Now I want to tell you about the roll recipe that I followed. Since I'm not a baker, I always have to look up recipes to make breads, cookies, cakes, etc. I used Angie's Perfect Dinner Rolls recipe. My rolls didn't turn out exactly like the picture, but they worked well for their purpose. I followed the recipe exactly except I added a bit more flour because the dough was super sticky. I will definitely use this recipe again, but I would half it. I made 40 rolls with this recipe! There are about 10 of them sitting out in the woods behind my house for the birds to eat, I'm not kidding guys! Anyway, birds aside, please enjoy my roll-making photos.

Getting yeast-y

Hoppy Easter,