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Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Splash Sangria

A few years ago, I took a stab at becoming a wine drinker. You see, in my mind, wine is what a sophisticated lady of my age is supposed to drink, I have many friends that like wine, and i am inundated with wine drinking memes on the old FB daily. So I went out and bought a few bottles, asked my friends for their suggestions and tried to get a taste for wine. 

(See the sophistication? Image via The Black Dress Traveler)

Well, it turns out that I discovered that I only like wine with juice and ice cubes in it, which I thought was about as unsophisticated as it gets. So I just went back to drinking coconut rum and sparkling water and being my unrefined self. 

If only I knew then, what I know now.

Wine + Juice = Sangria! 

And sangria is a perfectly acceptable adult drink. 

This sangria is sweet, delicate and most importantly simple! All you need is a bottle of white wine, a can of pears in syrup (or the homemade version like I used), some apricot nectar and nectarines. 

The secret ingredient to this recipe is the pears. They are soft and easy to mash, which helps disperse the flavor throughout the pitcher, and the syrup they are in will serve as our simple syrup and sweeten the whole dry wine taste up.

Mash the pears, it's pretty simple, I used a potato masher. I use my potato masher to mash all sorts of things (like my spirit food, avocado!)

Then Put everything into a large pitcher, cut up your nectarines and throw them in and give it a stir.

All done!

Pour, and enjoy!


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