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Monday, April 21, 2014

My Kitchen Garden: Herbs Galore!

One of my favorite things about late spring/summer is rejuvenating my garden. In the Pacific Northwest, we don't lose the threat of frost until May, but some of us just can't wait and take the risk in mid-late April. After this cold and snowy winter, I am glad to see that most of my perennials survived.

My new garden experiment for this year, though, is to try more herbs. In an effort to make my food more flavorful and homegrown, I chose a variety of herbs that I love to use in cooking. Follow me, foodie friends, as I take you on a tour of my kitchen garden!


Lavender is one of my favorite plants, flowers, scents, flavors, and colors. I have dozens of different varieties of lavender.

Plans: Lavender-infused limoncello and lemonade, lavender wands and sachets,  and lavender as an herb in foods.

Pineapple Sage

This sage plant has the subtle, sweet smell of pineapple wafting off its leaves. Its great for attracting hummingbirds because of the glorious smell.

Plans: pineapple sage cupcakes, pineapple sage face mask, pineapple sage- infused chicken breast.

Golden Lemon Thyme

I was attracted to the high-contrast leaves with the dark center and bright golden edges.

Plans: homemade pizza sauce with thyme, beef stew with thyme, seafood with thyme.

Golden Oregano

Oregano is one of my favorite herbs, and I loved the eye-catching golden leaves on this plant.

Plans: homemade pizza sauce, homemade sausage soup, oregano butter and oil.

Triple Curled Parsley

Parsley is such a versatile herb that can quietly add more depth to main dishes. I've also read that bunnies love it!

Plans: parsley in sauces, gravies, soups, marinades, and as a general spice to other dishes.

French Tarragon

I don't have a lot of experience with tarragon, but I am willing to experiment.

Plans: Bearnaise sauce, infused oils, green and tomato salad with tarragon.

Arp Rosemary

I love the look and smell of rosemary. I think it tastes amazing with chicken and turkey.

Plans: rosemary marinades, oils, butters, and rubs. Homemade rosemary fries!


My last plant for my new kitchen garden are two little pea plants. While they are not herbs, I thought the plants looked gorgeous.

Plans: pea soups, salads, and dried peas.

I hope you enjoyed my quaint little kitchen garden as much as I do. I will post periodically throughout the season as my babies grow and I begin to yield a bountiful kitchen harvest.

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