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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Today is a day to enjoy family and food and relax all around. Also, you can totally color some eggs which is what Holly, Sarah, Rosie and Warren did. Warren really believes in coloring Easter eggs. In fact, he probably gets a little into it. Enjoy the pictures!

Rosie drew on her eggs with Sharpies and Crayola washable markers. The washable ones were great because you could smudge them in, so they looked soft, like watercolor or pastels.

Holly, Warren and Sarah used the more traditional methods, they dip dyed and played around with a glitter kit. Warren also brought some paint, and made some really cute eggs with that.

Rosie spent WAY too much time on this little egg. It has bunnies, chicks, baskets, flowers, hearts and peace signs on it.

Holly and Warren couldn't help but pose for this shot with their matching mint sweaters. Mint is so in, and we are loving it!

Then Rosie made an egg with portraits of the four of us on it.

We had such a nice time being crafty together and we all love dying eggs. What do you think about our creations?