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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Review: Tin Shed Garden Cafe

Three friends ventured to a new brunch spot named Tin Shed. Well at least, new to them. The restaurant is literally a tin shed. But this tin shed is rustic and quite pretty. Even if you’re seated on the patio (as we were) it’s nice and warm with a blazing heater. Expect to wait a while, but there is a cute little shop across the street called Frock – filled with accessories and clothing that might help you pass the time.

Once you've finally gotten your seat, you might see an interesting restaurant goer or two. Keep Portland Weird was quite a literal theme here. There was a gal in a tutu (I’d like to think that she was celebrating a birthday, a huge group sang songs (like there were around a campfire or maybe part of a weird cult?), oh, and of course the hippie who doesn’t believe in deodorant (this would be fine if you didn’t smell either).  But enough about the ambiance, let’s get down to the eats.

1438 NE Alberta St.
Portland, OR 97211

The Cure

Melissa selected this meal off the breakfast menu as she’s discovered a more recent love of biscuits and gravy. And at Tin Shed, the gravy is made with bacon. (yum) You get a very decent sized portion of biscuits and gravy. In fact, you won’t realize how full you really are until you get up to leave. The biscuits and gravy were tasty (although, served lukewarm). But the Shed potato cakes were divine. Super crispy and a dollop of sour cream sealed the deal. Oh, and be prepared you have to get your own water in the corner from a little spout. You can get coffee too, but they’ll add it to you bill.

Benni Hill with Smoked Salmon

I (Warren) am a big fan of a delish dish of Eggs Benedict. I have only ever made it once on my own and that was in a 7th grade cooking class with the worst teacher in the world. The Eggs Benedict at Tin Shed were amazing! However, the real show stopper was the side dish of Cheesy Grits. I guess you could say I'm Britney Spears because I am a sucker for 'grits dun good.' I would definitely get this dish again, but next time I'd bring a palette cleanser because the smoked salmon lingered for quite a while.

You Gotta Have It
Sarah had You Gotta Have It.  Two eggs, chicken sausage and potato cakes.  This meal also comes with a bread choice.  I am gluten free so declined and they gave me a discount.  This is amazing.  Most places make you pay even if you arent getting the whole meal.  The sausage was tasty, the eggs were cooked perfectly but the potato cakes were my fave!  Crisp on the outside and tender on the inside.  Just looking at this picture makes me want to go back!  
Sarah also got a Bloody Mary with House-Infused cucumber vodka.  It was one of the best she ever had.  Plus all the veg is like a breakfast salad!  :)

An easy place to clean your plate!

Overall, Tin Shed was a fun brunch spot if you’re willing to wait and crazy antics won't scare you away.

Brunch love,

Melissa, Sarah & Warren