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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Breakfast Sammies

Hi guys! This week I am going to share a tip about how I make my busy life a lot easier. When it comes to breakfast, if I do not go into the week with a plan, I will struggle to eat the right thing, or sometimes even eat at all. For years I was not a breakfast person, but that has changed. Now I need to eat to get some energy for my body and brain to start going. But my breakfast must be quick and eatable on the drive to work. I am also cold weather sensitive, so in cold weather I do not want to eat something quick and easy like cereal or yogurt. This has driven me to eat breakfast way more than I would like to admit, at McDonalds. However, that is terrible for you, and quite expensive. And expense that I just cannot justify. So I came up with this plan, and it works quite well for me. I make 5 breakfast sandwiches on Sunday and wrap them up individually. Then every morning when I a mostly done getting ready for work, I throw the sammie in the microwave for about a minute, throw on my shoes, grab a banana (another great "good on the go" food), grab the sammie and am out the door. I do not even unwrap the sammie until I am in the car.

The trick to this recipe for me is to fry the eggs one at a time. That way I can cook each egg perfectly to my liking (medium-well, yeah I'm that picky!) and they stay in a round-ish shape. Normally I like to use a low fat turkey sausage, to keep the Sammie's a little healthier, but this week, all I had was bacon, so that's what I used. I also bump the health factor up by using whole grain English muffins. You see when you make your own breakfast sammies you have more control about what goes into them, the quality of the ingredients, etc. 

So it really is as easy as frying the eggs, cooking the bacon, if that's what your using, browning the sausage patties, toasting the English muffins, assembling the sammies and wrapping them up. 

I fry the eggs in a little extra virgin olive oil.

If frying bacon, I like to use cast iron. However, my preferred way of cooking bacon is by baking it. I was just in a hurry this week!

That egg in the top left corner isn't burnt, I just like a lot of pepper!

I use parchment paper and freezer tape because I have a large stash of both, but lots of other things would work as well.

The last step I do, is I throw all the sammies into a large zip lock bag that I reuse week to week, so that I can easily move the sammies around in the fridge if I need to. 

I hope this makes your week a little easier! If you have any tips for me on how to make my lunch for the week on Sunday, please leave me a comment below. 

Gotta run,