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Friday, December 13, 2013

Sarah the Carrot

Hiya!  My name is Sarah.  Like my friends I am also from Portland Oregon.  I have had many relationships with food.  I was a vegan for 3 years then became Paleoish and that has been working much better for me for over a year.  On this food journey I have learned that I am much happier without dairy, gluten and most other grains.  I am also allergic to strawberries, mangos and hops (yep beer is out for me...).  This can make life pretty tricky but it can also be fun.  Lucky for me I have always been a veggie lover.  I was banded from my neighbors garden at a young age for eating all her brussel sprouts and snap peas.  My mother had to hide asparagus from me in the shopping cart or by the time we would check out I would have eaten all the tops.  When we would go berry picking I would get weighed before and after because I would eat more than I picked and I picked a lot!  I have a long love affair with frozen veggies and have been known to eat them frozen.

I love to cook and started cooking at a young age.  I remember sitting on the counter helping my mom stir and mix things (while eating frozen veggies!).  I spent time in 4-H cooking and hated it!  I would much rather make it up as I go and not follow a recipe to a T.  This makes me an awful baker!  I do own more cookbooks than I can count, at least 50, and have read most cover to cover.  I love getting food inspiration anywhere.  

So if you guessed that my recipes will be on the healthier side, you are right.  A carrot makes a great spirit food for me.  It is a sweeter vegetable and it matches my hair!  I hope you will join us on this good adventure!