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Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Reason to Smile

Hello food friends! Welcome to the last post of the first week. My name is Warren, and I'm from Portland as well. I can say that I am a food-oholic. Food has just always been something that I have admired. From the fancy, the sweet, the delish to the questionable.

My spirit food is definitely a baby red potato. Much like how Holly can remember mayo in her childhood, I can remember all the ways I've enjoyed a red potato. Whether baked in the oven, boiled and mashed or simply put in a crockpot to cook, they have always been a staple of a classic homemade me.

Baby red potatoes are also adorable. They are so cute, and when you eat them there is a certain comfort that comes over you. Food that can give life to emotions in you are my favorite kinds of foods. I cannot wait to share with you foods that bring those emotions to life in me.

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Stay smiling,