Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie Recipe

A while back, I made a delicious cheesecake using a recipe from Philadelphia's site (the cream cheese company, not the city of brotherly love). One recipe that caught eye, but I didn't use at the time was a cheesecake with crushed up cookies as the crust. When the time came for me to make a pie with the cookie crust, I didn't have a lot of time because it was an evening after work, of course, so I quickly threw together a pie using some of my favorite easy dessert products. 

This pie is a bit messy because the crust was very crumbly, but it was tasty. It's one of those easy recipes that can come together with little effort, but it will look fun and inviting for entering or just for your family. You can use your favorite packaged or homemade cookies as the crust, but make sure that they are dry because that's the key to getting the chunky pieces needed for the crust.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Bulk Buying Basics

It's Monday, and it's time for another Money Saving Monday! This weeks topic up for dissection- BULK BUYING!

Bulk buying seems to me, to be something that everyone does. With or without a membership to a special store, there are bulk buying questions we face in our regular grocery stores. I love buying in bulk, because I don't like grocery shopping, but in all the years I have been doing our shopping, I have learned some strategies.

My number one strategy for buying bulk is that you can never have enough toilet paper. Yes I said that, yes I went there. I buy multiple large packs at once. I don't care about the room it takes up. I want to hoard TP, and I do. Here's the thing, I rotate between a few different grocery stores. I go to a large warehouse type of grocery store, and I try to only go once a month. This is where I buy the bulk of my groceries- anything non perishable, bulk bins, pantry staples- for the whole month (which is why I meal plan for a month at a time). Then I go to a grocery store that is closer to my house and more deluxe- IE: it has a health food section where I can buy all my lactose free needs (and that stuff is not budget friendly), this store also has better produce, so I get that there as well. In between, I hit the discount grocers, and sometimes shop coupons. But the point here is that toilet paper is much less expensive at the warehouse style grocery store, so I always get it there- and stock up, because I won't be back for a month. I also check the prices on the smaller packs, because sometimes they are less expensive (they were last time I bought). The point is not to tell you about my TP, but that I have a strategy about buying bulk, a reason to do it, and it works for me. What works for me is not what will work for everyone, but everyone should have a strategy.

Here I am going to share with you some more of my strategies, and some great resources for bulk buying. Then next week we'll have another Money Saving Monday, where I'll share a really great interview I did with a budget savvy mom who has an engineers brain, and happens to be a bulk buying genius.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Tasty Achievements: February 2015

Hello again foodie friends! I'm trying real hard not start with "can you believe..." but honestly, I don't know how we are seriously already at the end of February. The month of love was here and gone in what really feels like the blink of an eye.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Parking Lot Chip Dip

Hello foodie friends! Have you heard of the parking lot chip dip? No? Let me set it up for you. You're standing in a Target parking lot chatting with a friend. Things are going fine and then a car slowly pulls up. "Oh boy..." you'll think to your self, "I hate giving directions." An elderly lady is driving and with deranged eyes and teeth that will haunt you, she asks..."Do you like chips?"

Monday, February 23, 2015

Paprika, Meal Planning's New BFF

A few weeks ago I covered the basics of meal planning. Today I want to spend a little more time talking about the app I use to make the whole process easier. Again, I should just tell you that meal planning saves you money because you are not eating out, and you are not over purchasing groceries. I know you get me!

Paprika is an app made for meal planning. It costs a few dollars to buy and is totally worth it! 

In a nutshell here's how it works:

  1. find a recipe
  2. save recipe to Paprika's recipe box
  3. add the recipe to your calendar
  4. add the ingredients to your grocery list
  5. share the grocery list between devices (that have Paprika on them)

Friday, February 20, 2015

Gin Rickey

Today's post is brought to you by Gin, my new BFF. Please don't feel bad for me because my only friend is alcohol, gin is a great listener and always keeps my spirits high! OK, ok, I'm just kidding, I have real life BFFs who I am sure don't appreciate being replaced with booze. But seriously, I've been having a love affair with gin, it's just so delicious.